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GraceSpace in Bradford is 'a church for people who don't go to church'. Pioneer minister Colin Blake explains how the community has developed.

Revd Chris Lewis tells how Mount Zion Baptist Chapel' training garden is generating 'spin offs' which are reconnecting with the community.

Tim Lea tells the story of the Bridge, a fresh expression of church in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Nic Williams, leader of Church@Community, tells of its development meeting in a local primary school in St Ann's, Nottingham.

This page looks in more detail at 'building community' in the fresh expressions journey: Why is it so important? What forms can it take? Does 'building community' always follow 'loving and serving'?

This page looks in more detail at 'loving and serving' in the fresh expressions journey. Why is this a fruitful starting point for a fresh expression of church? What might it involve? Should fresh expressions never start with worship?

Discipleship requires commitment to a Christian community - disciples should belong to a Christian community, forming authentic community is vital, community can nurture spiritual life in various ways, Christian communities shoudl be life- rather than church-centric - which might encourage more radical communities. Discipleship includes learning how to multiply the church.

Discipleship requires the support of other Christians: one-to-one support, small groups, gatherings of the fresh expression, joint ventures between local churches and large nationwide celebrations.

A summary of the theological impulses behind fresh expressions.

Communities are central to God's purposes.