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B1 church in Birmingham featured on expressions: the dvd - 1: stories of church for a changing culture four years ago. Now Ed Mackenzie of the B1 council brings their story up to date.

Beer and a singalong helped to launch Leicester-based Presence as a Bishop's Mission Order, Revd David Cundill brings us up to date.

Richard Moy, ordained pioneer minister explains how church is forming amongst those who have never been involved before, through Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries.

Ben Edson shares the story of always-incomplete community building with Sanctus1 in Manchester.

Keith Hitchman outlines the vision for River in the City, creating new ways of 'being church' for people who work, relax and live in Liverpool City Centre

The Moot monastic community offers hospitality and welcome in the heart of the City of London to 'questers' or 'spiritual seekers'.

Sue Wallace reports on the development of Transcendence, an Ancient-Future mass in York Minster.

York Community Chaplaincy operates in the York Diocese as a Bishop's Mission Order. Leader Chris Cullwick details how its work has grown.

A town centre church in Hastings hosts a monthly Night Church to provide a safe space on Saturday evenings. Revd Annette Hawkins explains more.

Urban fresh expressions: examples, types, things to bear in mind and resources.