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Based in Provence, L'Oasis Christian Fellowship, Lorgues, serves the predominantly elderly ex-pat community. Peter Massey explains how it started.

Matt Caldicott tells the story of the Generation Project, set up in 2011 by Rugby Deanery to connect with 20 to 30-year-olds in the area.

Beyond seeks to explore what it means to be a new form of church in Brighton & Hove, a regional hub for a holistic mix of alternative spiritualities and 24-hour entertainment.

Fresh expressions in church history: Charles Kingsley's life in the kingdom.

All about Bishops' Mission Orders, their use and implementation.

Steve Kelly tells us about River Community Church in Telford.

A year into Mandy Wright's job as Deanery Evangelist with a group of 21 rural Anglican churches in Devon, it occurred to her that if anyone wanted to attend church as a result of her evangelism, a Sunday service would likely put them off.

The splitting of a house group that had grown in size was the opportunity for new life to develop in a Church of England parish in Shropshire.

Avril Chisnall and Christine Kay explain how a fresh expression of church has become part and parcel of the TANGO community project at St Mark's, Haydock.

A new church for young adults has been growing in Bradford since the appointment of a city centre Mission Priest, Chris Howson, in October 2005.