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David Middleton, special needs Minister for the Baptist Union, tells the story of Focus Service: Sheffield Church.

When the Bishop told Associate Vicar Steve Tilley he would be comfortable with a few ‘heroic failures’ he gave permission to those wanting to start fresh expressions of church to experiment in a daring way.

When a congregation in Leicester had to move out of their dilapidated building, they were given the chance to start a fresh expression of church in a local school.

A fresh expression of church for clubbers in Cardiff.

Steve Jones, Pioneer Team Co-ordinator, tells us about 'a bit of an adventure' in Devon.

Revd Mark Rodel shares the story of Portsmouth's high-rise church

Klynn and Susan Alibocus discuss setting up a fresh expression of church in an affluent 'commuter' village.

Beer and a singalong helped to launch Leicester-based Presence as a Bishop's Mission Order, Revd David Cundill brings us up to date.

Richard Moy, ordained pioneer minister explains how church is forming amongst those who have never been involved before, through Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries.

Jon and Jo Soper tell us the story of Exeter Network Church, in the Church of England Diocese of Exeter.