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The story of a failing parish church in Tolland appeared on expressions: the dvd - 1: changing church in every place. Read this update.


B1 church in Birmingham featured on expressions: the dvd - 1: stories of church for a changing culture four years ago. Now Ed Mackenzie of the B1 council brings their story up to date.

A summer night on a Yorkshire beach became an opportunity for mission as ordained pioneer minister Ben Norton explains.

Peter Gilbert, a member of Church of the Martyrs in Leicester, tells the story of how Tomatoes has proved to be an innovative project in engaging with unchurched local families.

Ian Mobsby talks to Rona Orme, Children's Missioner for the Diocese of Peterborough, about the beginnings of a fresh expression in a new-build area of Northamptonshire.

A community evangelist and development worker, Peter Homden, has been 'visiting and engaging' with gypsy travellers for more than five years and talks to Emma Garrow.

In Earlsfield, south west London, a pioneering new venture has started that seeks to build a mission-focused, new monastic, fresh expression of church. Johnny Sertin is the lay pioneer who leads it.

Rob Ryan, an Ordained Pioneer Minister, starts out building a fresh expression of church in Rochester.

Fresh Expressions Associate Missioner Jane Tibbs and Bath and Wells Diocesan Children & Families Officer, explores how a focus on children can create new opportunities for experimental  worship and mission.

If you have seen expressions: the dvd - 1 then you will remember Somewhere Else - the Liverpool 'bread' church. Heather Lovelady brings the story up to date.