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Just over a year ago Colin Brown moved to Cornwall to start a fresh expression of church amongst the artistic community. He tells us more.

Keith Hitchman outlines the vision for River in the City, creating new ways of 'being church' for people who work, relax and live in Liverpool City Centre

David Barker, former fresh expressions enabler in the West Yorkshire District, discusses Bare Soul, church in a bar.

A town centre church in Hastings hosts a monthly Night Church to provide a safe space on Saturday evenings. Revd Annette Hawkins explains more.

Beyond seeks to explore what it means to be a new form of church in Brighton & Hove, a regional hub for a holistic mix of alternative spiritualities and 24-hour entertainment.

Wendy Shaw explains how Burning Bush Barn has become a place of blessing for many since it was established as a place of creativity and contemplation.

VentureFX pioneer Lou Davis tells about the formation and development of a community in Scotland's capital city.

Simon Oliver explains how new things are happening in Cottenham through community, creativity, Christianity and cappuccinos.

Simon Hall is involved with Revive and Left Bank Leeds. He explains why it's very difficult to know where one ends and the other begins.

As a fresh expression of church in The Congregational Federation, The Studio is still finding its feet. Its Missioner, David Richards, explains how it came about.