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Methodist minister Jeff Reynolds reflects on starting Twilight, a fresh expression of church in Costa Coffee in Stafford.

If you have seen expressions: the dvd - 1 then you will remember Somewhere Else - the Liverpool 'bread' church. Heather Lovelady brings the story up to date.

Methodist pioneering minister Joy Adams explains how her fresh expression of church began life in a butchers shop in the local bus station.

The story of one church's journey from impending closure to thriving play centre.

Richard Moy, ordained pioneer minister explains how church is forming amongst those who have never been involved before, through Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries.

Ben Edson shares the story of always-incomplete community building with Sanctus1 in Manchester.

Revd Martyn Coe talks about starting a fresh expression of church on the Greenwich Peninsula exploring the sacred in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Ruth Poch tells of the first six risky, messy, up and down years of re:generation in Romford.

Graham Harrison updates the story of the Taste and See café church in Kidsgrove, from expressions: the dvd - 1.

Fellowship@Grannies, a church evolving out of an Alpha course.