Ben Norton

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The Bishop of Hull, the Rt Revd Alison White, will license a new minister for the Kingswood Estate in Hull - in a pub.

Ben Norton, Pioneer minister for Kingswood, Hull, describes an intentional community for young adults in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Ben Norton discusses why timing is everything for fresh expressions of church.

Ben Norton reflects on the importance of language and storytelling.

A range of fresh expressions of church describe how they gather for worship.

Ben Norton updates us on XY lad's church in Bridlington.

Ben Norton, Fresh Expressions Associate Missioner and founder of xy church, tells how the 'lads' church' has developed since he left.

Ben Norton lays down a challenge to not be so defensive.

XY Church started three years ago as a developing community of spiritual travellers. Pioneer Minister Ben Norton gives an update on what has happened to the lads' church meeting in a pub every week.

Ben Norton, who appears on the Fresh Expressions DVD, on the edge, traces the history of XY lads' church in Bridlington.