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Below is a list of common questions about fresh expressions of church. You can also find a wealth of information about fresh expressions of church in the Guide.

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Frequently asked questions:

Mission-shaped Church describes twelve different kinds of emerging churches, and new ones are still developing. They cover everything from new midweek services or a different form of Sunday service... read more

Church of England? The Church of England is a partner in Fresh Expressions and has officially endorsed the move towards a mixed economy church (i.e. fresh expressions alongside more traditional or... read more

Fresh expressions isn't just a UK phenomenon, but a growing international movement, with a growing number of partner organisations in different countries. For details of these, please visit our... read more

In terms of theology or understanding of mission, there is no fundamental difference. Those who prefer the phrase fresh expressions and those who prefer the phrase emerging church are both seeking to... read more

As in most of our inherited models of church, the sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist (or Communion, Lord's Supper, Mass) are seen as central to being part of the universal catholic church.... read more

Our work isn't solely based on statistics but, we hope, rests on the person and teaching of Jesus. However there are several relevant sets of statistics for those developing fresh expressions of... read more

A number of organisations offer training of one kind or another. Fresh Expressions offers: vision days Introductory days for you to discover more about fresh expressions of church. mission shaped... read more

Wherever this kind of change is driven only by decline, it is bound to fail. The church in every generation is called to share in God's mission in loving service and by proclaiming the good news... read more

A fresh expression is more than just an occasional meeting. Fresh expressions are about working with those who don't go to church in a way that has the potential to grow into mature church. Any... read more

As they mature, fresh expressions become proper church. Imagine a group of congregations of which some are traditional, perhaps meeting in a chapel or parish church, and others are fresh expressions... read more