Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of common questions about fresh expressions of church. You can also find a wealth of information about fresh expressions of church in the Guide.

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Frequently asked questions:

Not necessarily. If you look at our website stories or our DVDs you will see a whole range of fresh expressions - some in rural areas and others in the inner city. They meet in village halls, city... read more

They are both. In the past we have had a 'come to us' approach to mission - 'let's set up church the way we like it and then invite others to join us'. We now realize that for the... read more

Some of the things we call fresh expressions have been around somewhere for a long time (such as midweek services for parents and toddlers or an additional all age service). However, they may be... read more

This varies from place to place. Some fresh expressions of church are funded by the diocese, district, benefice, parish or circuit. Often where this is the case a sliding scale of support has been... read more

Resources You can log on to our website, check out our stories for inspiration, sign up for our regular e-newsletter and check out our booklets and DVDs. Fresh Expression publications are... read more

It is really important to start by listening to the community or network you want to reach. You might literally walk the streets and listen to what people have to say, invite a group to a pub for a... read more

By celebrating diversity as a gift not seeing it as a threat. As Britain becomes ever more multi-cultural and multi-ethnic more diversity is needed if we are to be truly effective. Theologically by... read more

The precise definition of a fresh expression of church has evolved over time. The term was coined by the Mission-shaped Church report. It was taken from the promise made by Anglican clergy every time... read more

It's vital to build strong bonds of connection and to work out how a fresh expression will belong. Sometimes that 'belonging' is to a local church. Sometimes it is to a circuit or deanery... read more

Not at all. There are now fresh expressions of church in every tradition. Have a look at our DVD on fresh expressions in the sacramental and contemplative tradition. DVD: Sanctus: fresh... read more