Are fresh expressions really reaching people outside the church?

They clearly are reaching people who have not been part of a church or who left church a long time ago in a number of cases - on housing estates, among young people, in schools and in many other contexts. Research amongst one group of fresh expressions suggests that 40% of those attending had no significant experience and a further 35% had some former (but not current) church experience.

However, the term 'fresh expressions' is often used so widely that it includes almost any kind of new church initiative, such as splitting a Sunday morning congregation into two. In these cases, a 'fresh expression' is just something new for people who already attend church.

We think these initiatives should be welcomed, but they shouldn't be described as fresh expressions. Otherwise the label will become so broad that it means almost nothing. That is why in our definition we have put an emphasis on new forms of church that exist for people who are not currently part of the church.


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