Aren't the numbers involved very small? Is this really a significant movement?

Many fresh expressions of church are small - but so are many traditional congregations. But we have the capacity to develop many thousands of these fresh expressions and that means reaching out to many people.

The numbers involved across the country are significant.

The Church of England's provisional attendance figures for 2012 (released in March 2014) show at least 1,922 fresh expressions and new forms of church. More than 1,100 of these were designed to be particularly accessible to families.

Parallel Methodist Church research for 2012 shows an estimated 1,550 fresh expressions, attended by roughly 46,000 people and supported by around 8,000 volunteers. The large majority are led by local preachers and lay officers rather than ministers or paid employees. Three quarters of them have begun in the last four years. There are fresh expressions of church registered from every district in the Connexion, representing over 80% of circuits.

60,000 attend fresh expressions in England. The greatest growth of Anglican fresh expressions has been in the last three years. 25% of Methodist churches have started a fresh expression. So far around 1 in 10 Anglican parishes has started a fresh expression. (Source: CofE and Methodist Church attendance figures 2010).


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