Hasn't the church always done this kind of thing? It's not particularly new is it?

Some of the things we call fresh expressions have been around somewhere for a long time (such as midweek services for parents and toddlers or an additional all age service). However, they may be fresh and different in a particular benefice, parish, circuit or church.

Others are a different approach to things that churches have done for a long time. Many traditional midweek activities have been seen as stepping stones into a Sunday congregation. They are now being seen more and more as expressions of church in their own right. Therefore they need to build and grow in community, discipleship, worship and mission.

Still others - such as the internet communities or network churches - really are very new. We are still learning how to do them well.

The new thing that seems to be happening is that Christians are beginning to see that the attractional model ('come to us') needs to work alongside an emerging model ('go to them, stay with them and see what kind of church emerges').


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