My minister is not interested in fresh expressions. What can I do next?

It's important to explore a bit further and find out the reasons. Some ministers are put off by the term or what they see is the latest fad in the church. Has your minister really engaged with the deep biblical and theological roots to fresh expressions of church?

You could pray for your minister, gently encourage them to watch one of our DVDs (below) and discuss it with you. If they need to engage at a deeper level, encourage them to read a robust theological argument for fresh expressions.

Being Church, Doing Life: Creating gospel communities where life happens
Michael Moynagh, Monarch Books, 2014, 978-085721493-5

Church for every context: An introduction to theology and practice
Michael Moynagh, SCM Press, 2012, 978-033404369-0

Resourcing renewal: shaping churches for the emerging future
Martyn Atkins, Inspire, 2007, 978-1905958108

Exiles: living missionally in a post-Christian culture
Michael Frost, Hendrikson Publishers Inc, 2006, 978-1565636705

The Future of the Parish System: Shaping the Church of England in the 21st Century
Steven Croft (ed.), CHP, 2006, 978-071514034-5

Mission-shaped Questions: Defining issues for today's church
Steven Croft (ed.), CHP, 2008, 978-071514153-3

Some ministers are hesitant about fresh expressions of church because they don't feel equipped for this kind of ministry themselves. Seeing where their own ministry fits into the mixed economy church will be important. Taking part in mission shaped ministry can be a real help here.


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