Can fresh expressions just do their own thing or are they accountable?

Some fresh expressions of church begin as independent churches. However, the majority belong to and are accountable to one denomination (or sometimes to more than one if they are an ecumenical partnership).

  • In the Church of England, fresh expressions may be accountable to a parish or benefice just as any other congregation. They may also be accountable to a deanery or to a diocese. Where this is the case, that accountability will increasingly be expressed through a Bishop's Mission Order.
  • In the Methodist Church, accountability will normally be through the local circuit. One or two districts are experimenting with accountability to the district.
  • Other denominations are developing similar structures and ways of relating.

All the denominations that take fresh expressions seriously recognise the need for great flexibility, dialogue and support in terms of working out this accountability in practice. It is meant to safeguard rather than restrict what God is doing.


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