Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of common questions about fresh expressions of church. You can also find a wealth of information about fresh expressions of church in the Guide.

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Frequently asked questions:

There's a spectrum. Some are trying to engage those who are on the fringe of church life and have some kind of church background. One example would the all-age services springing up at different... read more

Fresh expressions can grow into mature church and some do that more quickly than others. Church can be understood as what happens when people gather round Jesus. Archbishop Rowan Williams has... read more

We know that some individuals' lives have been transformed. Some fresh expressions have a strong commitment to social justice and the environment. JustChurch, for example, focuses its worship on... read more

They clearly are reaching people who have not been part of a church or who left church a long time ago in a number of cases - on housing estates, among young people, in schools and in many other... read more

Jesus asks us all to pray daily for God's kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. The kingdom of God is the shorthand phrase in the Gospels for the reign of God or... read more

There are always dangers for the life of the church and one of them is doing nothing at all. There have been scandals in cathedrals and traditional churches over the last twenty years as well as in... read more

Some people fear that encouraging forms of church that fit the culture of people who attend is pandering to choice and consumer attitudes. But it is very scriptural. At Pentecost the Holy Spirit did... read more

Many fresh expressions of church are small - but so are many traditional congregations. But we have the capacity to develop many thousands of these fresh expressions and that means reaching out to... read more

Some fresh expressions of church begin as independent churches. However, the majority belong to and are accountable to one denomination (or sometimes to more than one if they are an ecumenical... read more

Yes, they do. To pick just a few examples: In one Lancashire town there is a fresh expression for former prisoners and others living on the edge. In Hampshire there is a fresh expression reaching... read more